Public Education

Hubert Vo places a great importance on education, he appreciates that his ability to work his way through the University of Houston was a key to his success.

While funds will be tight next session, Hubert will oppose all attempts to cut funding to public schools and will work to make our schools stronger.
  • Protect state funds dedicated to public schools and do not penalize districts for offering remote learning
  • Work to overcome the digital divide and provide help to students who fall behind during this pandemic
  • Continue to raise the salaries of classroom teachers and ensure their pensions are secure

Health Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the weaknesses of our healthcare system, a system Representative Vo has been working on to make more affordable. Last session, he authored and passed legislation to examine the quality and adequacy of preferred provider insurance plans. Next session, Hubert will continue his work to make quality health care more affordable.
  • Continue to reduce surprise out-of-network charges
  • Expand Medicaid coverage to take advantage of federal funds provided by Obama Care
  • Explore unique ways to reduce the cost of prescription drugs

Economic Opportunity

Hubert Vo is a big believer in the American Dream, but he also realizes we still have a long way to go to ensure all Texans can achieve economic security.

Over the years Hubert has worked with school districts, colleges and universities, and employers to better align training and curricula with today’s and tomorrow’s jobs. In the upcoming legislature he will place a priority on repairing the damage inflicted by the pandemic.
  • Provide funding and regulation relief to small businesses hurt by the coronavirus
  • Work with schools, colleges, and employers to match workforce training with available jobs
  • Look for ways to reduce the cost of college and certification courses, especially for those who lost their jobs during the pandemic
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