Hubert Vo recognizes that some tough choices are going to have to be made during the next legislative session. His priorities will focus on strengthening the local economy, improving our public schools, protecting the safety of our fami-lies and ensuring the state is fiscally responsible.

Quality Education

  • Increase high school graduation rates and college and workforce readiness
  • Reduce the importance placed on standardized tests
  • Bring down the high cost of college tuition and textbooks

Stronger Economy

  • Work with employers, high schools, community colleges and universities to better train students for availiable jobs
  • Join with the City and area management districts to attract new jobs to Southwest Houston
  • Provide an environment in which small businesses can grow their companies

Fiscal Responsibility

Hubert has a strong record as a fiscal watchdog. He has fought to reduce our property taxes, lower the appraisal cap and opposed the margins tax on small businesses.