With all the work lawmakers are rushing to complete in the final weeks of the legislative session, most of us take great care not to interrupt the flow of debate.  But earlier this month, I took a couple of minutes to remind my colleagues about the high stakes and critical importance of the work we do.

House Resolution 1592 was my small effort to pay tribute to the First United Methodist Church of Lubbock for its history of service to the local community — and the special role the congregation has played in my family’s life.

“After the fall of South Vietnam, my family fled the country by boat.  After ten long days at sea, the U.S. Navy took us to the Philippines, and after a few months, we arrived in Lubbock, Texas.  We had little more than the shirts on our backs and did not speak a word of English.  But the First United Methodist Church sponsored our family.  They took us in as if we were their own, and their kindness taught us how great American society can be.”

You can view my full remarks and the eloquent response from First United Methodist pastor Dr. Jay Horton here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nniXwRVjyjo